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Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase (via Sneakerpedia)

What’s up y’all?! You know how much I love sneakers… well, Sneakerpedia is a dope new site that’s being put together by the people at Foot Locker. They’re doing an amazing job of cataloging every dope sneaker available to man. Well, every week they do a sneaker showcase on Twitter and your boy showed up in the Ronnie Fieg x Asics UltraMarine GT II’s.

These kicks are slick… Click through the blog and you’ll find them. Fourth pic in. Ronnie is known for crafting shows that not only have eye popping style; but, are also built with the best quality in the industry. One of the reasons you’ll find him showing so much love to Asics. The big blue bad boys are crafted from some butter soft pigskin suede that pops in a gorgeous hue of blue. Check ’em out.

…this is old news by now; but, I just realized I could “reblog” this… so, I’m messin’ around, seein’ what I can do. Read on… and check my appearance… After the leap —>

Sneakerpedia Twitter Sneaker Showcase Throughout the week #sneakerholics from all over the world love to share the sneakers they are wearing via Twitter. With the Air Jordan 7 "Cardinal" being re-released and plenty of Sneaker events happening, there was plenty of reasons for sneaker enthusiasts to bring out their freshest pair. This week's Twitter Sneaker Showcase was filled with great a great variety, with brands like Fila and PUMA, to rare Jordans, and even some Yeezy's. Check out … Read More

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Sunday Fresh

Not much to say, right now. Just posting from my phone on an incredibly enjoyable Sunday morning… Ok, fine. It’s afternoon. But, I’ve been super lazy and comfy laying around all morning with Chandra. Getting ready to enjoy the first Sunday in a long time that I have not had anything I really MUST take care of…

So, that’s that. Y’all stay fresh and enjoy your Sunday!!!


Is Spring finally here? It sure feels that way at the ballpark this evening. Gorgeous 60 some-odd degrees, the sun is out, and the Huskers are holding a 2 run lead in the bottom of the 3rd.

I’ll take it… And run with it.

If ya feelin’ good…

I just wanted to give y’all an idea of how Saturdays are supposed to start.

What’s better than waking up with someone you love and enjoying some coffee whilst discussing life, common goals, and future destinations.

Follow it up with a short stop at the coffee shop for a latte.

Head home for a nice light workout.

Grind on that business to secure that future, previously discussed.

Build business connections that strengthen your team and strengthen your connection’s team.

Add a little more time with the one you love.

Run… With the dog.

More grindin’

…Oh wait, I was just talking about how Saturdays are supposed to START. Whoops.

Lincecum’s Murse

I was relatively jacked that Big-Time Timmy Jim Lincecum fell on to my team with the 26th overall pick in a recent fantasy draft. That is, until Karl Ravech and the Baseball Tonight crew decided to show some footage of The Freak arriving at the ballpark today for his Opening Day start. Check the video… And listen for a great comment from Ravie

Playing around with Goodreads.com

So I’ve found a new (at least new to me) website called Goodreads.  I’m playing around with it a little bit… Just finished a great book by Eckhart Tolle and I posted a review.  Let’s see what happens when I post this link that Goodreads told me to post to my blog.  Wow.  Look at me.  Following instructions like a good little internet boy.

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's PurposeA New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Basically a guide to peace and being. Incredibly insightful. Somewhat upper level… but if you’re reading books of enlightenment, then you’re on the right path and are ready for Eckhart.

View all my reviews

…and I think it’s working. Thanks for sticking with me y’all. I’m learning this shit on the fly, alright?! Either way; I think you should all have a good look at this book. If it seems a little over your head… I’ve been told that giving it a listen helps some to grasp. There are some amazing concepts in this book that can help our entire society.

Break the Chain

What’s up e’rybody.  I’ve been a little too busy to type anything up for sharing with y’all.  I’ll have some thoughts down on here again soon, so keep checking back with me.  In the meantime, give Lupe a listen… this is an amazing song off of his new album Lasers.  Which you should definitely pick up.

StootS Fits, Fresh Kicks

Jordan V Box

Now that I’ve had the chance to discuss some seriousness from this morning… Let’s check out some freshness.  In the form of Retro Jordan V’s.  Peep the box, above.  GLOSSY.

I remember when these released, originally, back in 1990.  I was playing select soccer in Signal Mountain, Tennesse for the Signal Mountain Streak.  We traveled to a lot of tournaments and had a damn good time… waterguns in the hotels and post-game Shoney’s.  Whaty’all know about that?!  Anyway… I remember one of the homies on the team coming back to the hotel with a fresh black pair of these Js.  I had to have ’em.  I was young… they got destroyed.  However, I’ve found them again and had to have a pair.  These were really the first pair of shoes that I saw and fell in love with.  Jordan rocked these shoes during Phil Jackson’s first year as the Bulls head coach, after replacing Doug Collins.  MJ went on to win the scoring title, make the All-Star team, and First Team All-Defense.

The shoes were designed by the famed Tinker Hatfield and were sculpted after after the WW2 Mustang fighter plane; most notably seen in the shark teeth on the forward midsole of the shoe.  These were also the first Jordan kicks to have the clear bottoms… the feature that struck me dumb and turned my mind into pre-teen lovemush.  Another standout feature on these shoes is the 3M reflective tongue.  Check the picture above… see how the tongue is shining?!  That’s just from the camera phone flash.  Sick. Check ’em out… Find a pair… and rock ’em with the StootS outline tee shown below.  Stay Fresh.

Remembering Our Fallen

Every morning, I go down to the cafeteria at work and pickup some OJ, usually along with some Cheerios or a banana.  I usually chat with the cashier, Robin, and have a couple of laughs before returning to my desk to start off the day in my cubicle.  However, today I was humbled by a very powerful exhibit setup in the company’s community eating area.


The final pieces of a display were being put into place to remember the soldiers of Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska who died fighting for America’s freedom.  After the events of September 11, 2001, many Americans were charged with a feeling of patriotism that helped bring a collective strength to our country.  That strength helped to charge many of the men and women who are fighting for our country today and who have given their lives in the line of duty to ensure that we are able to type up a blog like this one, engage in free enterprise, buy $1.50 OJ, and work in a cubicle with a window view of snowy Nebraska winters.

We are not all suited for the lives led by our country’s soldiers.  One of the only regrets of my life is that I did not test my personal mettle and join one of our armed forces.  The men and women who were brave enough to make that commitment for our country are the men and women who are helping to strengthen the foundation for our country’s future.  We must always remember the sacrifices that the soldiers of our country make so that we can maintain the standard of living that we have become accustomed to.  These modern-day warriors leave their wives and children at home to worry about their fate everyday.  All the while, maintaining the composure to do battle in the war on terror.


“Relish the freedom consecrated by that last full measure of devotion and paid for, on your behalf, by these Heroes and their Fallen Comrades.” – Author not noted, quote from display pictured above.

New Sh*t Sundays

As the weekend rounds to a close, I felt like taking the opportunity to discuss one of the most important aims of my life: EXPERIENCE NEW SH*T!!!

My girlfriend, Chandra, and I have recently decided to designate Sundays as a mandatory day for trying something new. The term was coined after a trip to Trader Joe’s to get groceries for the week. I’m not really sure I’ve ever enjoyed going to a grocery store before; but, today, I did. Their prices have dropped considerably, since my first Trader Joe’s attempt many years ago in Tucson. The prices are very comparable, if not better, than most of the grocery stores around Lincoln. But, this wasn’t the fun part. The variety of foods available allowed me to acquire some grub that is not really available anywhere else around here. Upon returning home to restock my painfully depleted cupboards… Chandra and I realized that we had a ton of new stuff to try. This led to the coining of New Sh*t Sundays.

I’ve always found that the most rewarding experiences in life come from venturing into new territory, trying new things, and going new places. I find that too many people keep themselves inside of a comfortable little box that allows them to feel secure. While there is value in security, I sure don’t find that value to be very high.

As I’ve grown, I keep finding that the most fun I have and the most growth I receive always seems to come from new sh*t. These new experiences provide the value that I am looking for in life. New experiences allow my being to be the most present in the moment and free of conscious thought and analysis of the event.

As life moves forward, this will be one of my primary attempts and strategies for growth. New Sh*t Sunday will be one of the ways in which I ensure this type of growth continues.